15 Mar

Some progress has been made on the funky Mini City! 🙂 And it’s as juicy as a freshly squeezed orange! We’ve been busy with some masking tape and some airbrushing and my-oh-my does it look good! :DAlthough currently we have only done the rear part, I bet you can just about imagine how the whole car is gonna look! 😀 Now that’s what we call Big Lovin for Little Mini!




Spring Fresh!

27 Feb

So we have been playing around with some ideas, and have decided to make this little mini into one funky set of wheels. At the minute, the finish is undecided, but the base coat has to be brilliant white. Let’s call this a fresh start! 🙂


So Out of Date!

15 Dec

So the Mini had been a bit neglected as our daily lives and responsibilities kept getting in the way. Although we managed to get some matching paint mixed up for the front end, it was only good for use of 6 months, which turned out to fly by quicker than i can flutter my eyelashes! 😀 Nevertheless we attempted to still paint it, and it was safe to say that it will most definitely wont work. The paint came out very lumpy and looked as though someone had mixed it with sand. 😦



Getting Arched

27 Jul

So the progress on the mini is pretty slow these days, however it’s getting there! The holes in the floor have been welded up and rust-proofed with some electric blue Hammerite (the only one I had). And this week we’ve been working on getting those new arches attached. They’re Mini Group 5 Bullet arches from ABS Motorsport.

At the beginings…

11 Jul

For years I’ve relied on my Toyota Corolla as my daily car, despite it being an ongoing project. However recently it’s been playing up, so I’ve decided to take it off the road and do it properly, whilst in the mean time I’m driving around the lovely mini.

Brief Bio:

This mini used to be 1 of 2 that my boyfriend owns, and whilst his other one is very slow track car only project this was meant to be a daily runner. However soon enough it needed some major welding work done and somehow it turned into another project car. However now that I’m desperate to find another daily car, we’ve agreed to make this mini mine. Eventually it will be a full on project and we are considering doing his and hers, however I’m not very big on track cars so i might refurbish mine as a very standard mini, with it’s tiny 1L engine. 🙂